The Law Office of Nicole Irmer is centrally located San Diego’s Premier Uptown District, and serves the greater California area. Nicole Irmer’s law practice is dedicated to professional licensing defense, specifically defending the interests and rights of individuals and professionals who are accused of a crime and/or their professional license is in jeopardy. We are committed to achieving positive outcomes for our clients. Each and every client is treated with respect and understanding for their needs, goals and objectives. We listen attentively and respond promptly, directly, and honestly.

If you are a professional facing criminal charges or need aggressive advocacy with a Licensing Board due to a disciplinary action, Nicole Irmer provides skillful and intelligent strategies for individuals and professionals. Being arrested or under investigation by the local, state or federal authorities is stressful within itself. Being a professional who is accused (or perhaps convicted) of a crime creates turmoil and uncertainty with one’s career and livelihood. At the Irmer Law Office, we are caring and dedicated to helping you and your family through this difficult time.

Many health care workers, medical personnel, child care providers, financial and real estate professionals may not realize the potentially serious legal, professional and personnel consequence of such accusations. This process may seem informal, but it is not. As your matter proceeds, you will be negotiating with experienced government attorneys, challenging expert opinions, and required to understand the law and the implications in your matter. Early counsel by an attorney experienced in both criminal law and knowledgeable of the professional licensing disciplinary board process can assist a professional in securing the best possible outcome for his/her case.

We are committed to achieving positive outcomes for our clients. We listen attentively and respond promptly, directly and honestly.

At the Law Office of Nicole Irmer, we understand that the stakes are high for a professional when his/her Licensing Board launches an investigation. We practice law with high standards and defend our clients zealously and with integrity. We appreciate that your choices will impact the rest of your life and you need to know your options. Ideally, you should contact us when you first believe you may be in trouble. We begin work immediately and in some cases have avoided criminal charges being filed as well avoiding licensing accusations being published.











"I am a Health Professional with a Board Case pending as well as a criminal case. Nicole has been a true blessing. She is EXTREMELY knowledgeable! From the first time I had met her after our initial phone conversation, she already had a game plan and she has been executing it perfectly! Within 6 months, we went from the Board being adamant about taking my license to practice to now them offering me my license back. Read More"

"I hired Nicole Irmer to represent me in a legal felony case which was mishandled by law enforcement. With her expert skills and knowledge, my case was resolved and my name was cleared of all charges. She is a credit to her profession and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a competent and proficient attorney."

"Thank you so much for your support and encouragement throughout my case. And thank you for saving my nursing license. Your professionalism throughout the process gave me confidence that everything would turn out."

"Words cannot be written as I tell you thank you for helping [my son] and me through a time of turbulence. Although we all know that receiving his DUI was really a positive incident in his life. Your calming, straight-forward manner and precise information eased what was a tumultuous few days of uncertainty."

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Nicole Irmer’s focus areas include a sophisticated criminal defense practice in both state and federal courts, and administrative legal matters including professional licensing issues as well as driver’s licensing matters concerning the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Dedicated, fair & zealous defense for each and every client

We understand that a criminal charge or accusation of misconduct can threaten a professional’s license and reputation. The Law Office of Nicole Irmer is a respected professional licensing defense attorney and is experienced in defending professionals.

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