Our appreciation goes out to all healthcare professionals on the front line and our sincerest thoughts are with our community both locally and afar. During these unprecedented times, The Law Office of Nicole Irmer, as an essential business, remains open and available to help. If you need assistance maintaining or applying for a professional license, of if you have been contacted by a Board or DCA investigator, please do not hesitate to contact us at (619) 237-6130.

Case Results

Gross Negligence Accusation Dismissed and Withdrawn for California Registered Nurse

Recently our office defended a Registered Nurse who was facing a formal Accusation for Unprofessional Conduct, Gross Negligence, and Incompetence stemming from a death at a Skilled Nursing Facility.  This RN was recently[…]

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Despite a Theft Conviction Dental Board Applicant receives Full License – and No “Hot Sheet” Report

Recently a new graduate from dental school applying for licensure to the Dental Board of California, contacted our office anxious about her application because she had a misdemeanor conviction for petty theft. She was distraught[…]

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Certified Public Accountant Sustained Federal Felony Fraud Conviction – Allowed to Keep License and Practice

A Federal, Felony, Fraud Conviction by a California Certified Public Accountant is traditionally an automatic license revocation by the California Board of Accountancy; however, our Client was not only allowed to keep their[…]

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Medical Doctor Convicted of Misdemeanor DUI Receives No Discipline – and No “Hot Sheet” Report

Our office represented a medical doctor who sustained a conviction of Vehicle Code Section 23125(b). The doctor had a high blood alcohol content (BAC), and was involved in an accident. Although no one was injured, the potential for[…]

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