California Dental License Defense Attorney

Dental License Defense Attorney in California

If you are a Dentist or Dental Professional and receive a letter from the California Dental Board informing you that it is contemplating an adverse action against your license, you need an experienced Dental License Defense Attorney. You may think that you can challenge the investigation on your own, or that if you ignore it, then it will go away. But this investigation will not go away by itself, and although it may seem easy to defend yourself, you are risking your reputation, your practice and your livelihood.

You need an experienced dental license defense attorney who understands the process to help protect your Dental License, as the Dental Board of California will employ an experienced attorney to prosecute against your License. At the Law Office of Nicole Irmer, we understand the complexities of defending a Dentists’ Professional license. Whether your licensing problem arises from a criminal matter, an accusation of professional malpractice, or an ethics complaint or investigation, we can assist you in protecting your interests.

As you may be aware, the Dental Board of California monitors and regulates the practice of Dentistry. The Dental Board’s Enforcement Unit investigates reported criminal and administrative violations. In the event that criminal and/or administrative violations are substantiated through the investigative process, the Licensee may be referred for criminal and/or administrative prosecution. The Dental Board of California may revoke or suspend a license, or impose probation on the licensee for violation of the Dental Practice Act and applicable statutes or regulations.

Defense Strategy For The Dental Professional

Defense Attorney Nicole Irmer has defended Dental Professionals facing discipline by the California Dental Board for the following conduct:

  • Negligent Quality of Care
  • Non-Therapeutic Prescribing
  • Boundary Violations
  • Inadequate Maintenance of Patient Charts & Records
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Criminal Arrests, Charges or Convictions
  • DUI
  • Violation of Drug Laws
  • Unprofessional Conduct
  • Abandonment of Patients
  • Diversion Issues
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • A Failure To Pay Taxes

At the Law of Nicole Irmer we can evaluate the best course of action for your circumstances and take a proactive, understanding approach to any issues that may threaten your license. We pride ourselves on taking a comprehensive approach to defending the Licensee. Depending on the professional’s circumstance, the defense strategy may include:

  • Reaching out to the Board’s investigator and offering mitigation evidence documents to either refute the allegation that misconduct occurred or support the position that discipline is unjustifiable;
  • Utilizing a defense investigator to interview any witnesses, issue subpoenas of relevant records, secure computer meta data, evaluate the scene or evidence and prepare a report for the Defense;
  • Retain a standard of care experts to refute allegations of negligence and misconduct;
  • Develop a rehabilitation plan if chemical dependency is at issue. This may include a psychological evaluation and chemical testing to rule out chemical dependency; or if necessary recommend professional counseling to address any substance abuse issues, which ultimate may mitigate allegations with the Board;
  • Develop a mental and emotional rehabilitation plan. Sometimes in our lives we suffer tragic loss, instances of domestic violence, situational depression, or even just go through an extended period of immense stress. In these instances, a professional is not in need of discipline by their Board, they need a referral or recommendation to see an experienced therapist where they can grieve, better understand their emotional state, and create a strategy to regain and maintain their emotional well-being;
  • Assist the professional with the gathering the necessary rehabilitation documents to bolster a mitigation package and/or prepare for hearing with the Office of Administrative Hearings. These documents may include character letters from friends, family, colleagues, and employers attesting to your character and skill as a Dentist; expungement documents; and community support.

Dental Board Diversion Program Due To Chemical Dependency Issues

In some situations and pending eligibility, the Dental Board offers a Diversion Program which is a program for licensed Dentists, Registered Dental Assistants, and Registered Dental Assistants in Extended Functions in California whose ability to practice may be impaired due to alcohol and/or drug abuse. The program offers a means of recovery without the loss of a license by providing access to appropriate intervention programs and treatment services. The purpose of the Diversion Program is to protect the public and rehabilitate the licensee and is available to dental professionals meeting the eligibility criteria.

The Dental Board’s Diversion Program is a long process and should not be entered into without careful thought and a meaningful conversation with an experienced attorney. Successfully completing the Board’s Diversion Program can have numerous benefits, but if the rules of Diversion are not strictly followed, there can be serious repercussions, including the commencement of disciplinary action.

California Dental License Defense Attorney Enforcing And Protecting Your Rights

Nicole Irmer is an experienced professional licensing and criminal defense attorney who has helped hundreds of professionals with allegations of misconduct including dental professionals throughout California. From the first meeting she listens and develops a comprehensive strategy to protect your interests. She is committed to ensuring that you understand the process, your exposure, and the steps necessary to defend your dental license. To learn more about your rights, please contact our office at (619) 237-6130.

Highly Recommended

I cannot say enough positive things about Ms. Irmer and her office. I had received a misdemeanor for shoplifting and I was afraid of how this would impact obtaining a dental license. Luckily, I entrusted this matter to Ms. Irmer and her office. Kimberly was also of the utmost help! From the very beginning, they have always been understanding of my situation, professional, and efficient. I can tell they put in a lot of effort into each case and they constantly kept up to date with me regarding the progress of my application. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the CA dental board got back to me and told me they had granted me my license! I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience with this law office. I would highly recommend them to anyone!