California Physician Assistant License Defense Attorney

Protecting Your California Physician Assistant License

If you are a Physician Assistant and receive a letter from the Physician Assistant Committee of the California Medical Board informing you that it is contemplating adverse action against your license such as denial, suspension, or revocation, you need an experienced physician assistant license defense attorney. Similar to Nursing Licenses, you may think that you can challenge the investigation on your own, or that if you ignore it, then it will go away.  But the investigation will not go away by itself, and although it may seem easy to defend yourself, you are risking your livelihood and the career you have dedicated numerous years to achieve. The attorneys at the Law Office of Nicole Irmer understand that the issues are serious, and we are dedicated to navigating you through the process with the best possible outcome.

As a Physician Assistant, you have dedicated your life to caring for others, so when a claim of misconduct arises, it is especially painful to face allegations and charges that might prevent you from performing the job you love.  As experienced Physician Assistant License Defense Attorneys, we understand the steps necessary to protect your license and allow you to continue working in your chosen profession.  Our philosophy is open communication – we keep you informed of the steps to defend your license and answer your questions and concerns as the process unfolds. To understand your rights further, please contact us today at (619) 237-6130.

The California Physician Assistant Board is a branch of the Medical Board of California dedicated to the licensing, education, and enforcement of laws and regulations pertaining specifically to Physician’s Assistants. California Professional Licensing Defense Attorney Nicole Irmer has extensive experience dealing with the California Medical Board, the Physician Assistant Board and other licensing and criminal investigations conducted by the Board. At the Irmer Law Office, we can assist you with understanding the following issues that may impact a Physician Assistant license:

California Physician Assistant License Defense Attorneys Working For You

At the Law Office of Nicole Irmer, upon our first meeting we begin evaluating the best course of action for your circumstances and take a proactive, understanding, and individualized approach to any issues that may threaten your Physician Assistant license.  We pride ourselves on taking a comprehensive approach to defending a Physician’s Assistant’s license. Depending on the individual’s circumstance, the defense strategy may include:

  • Scheduling a meeting with the Investigator, at the investigation stage to present evidence to either refute the allegation that misconduct occurred or support the position that discipline is unwarranted;
  • Retaining appropriate experts;
  • Retaining a defense investigator to interview any witnesses, issue subpoenas of relevant records, secure computer metadata, evaluate the scene or evidence and prepare a report for the Defense;
  • Developing a rehabilitation plan if chemical dependency is at issue;
  • Assisting in the enrollment of Diversion;
  • Creating a mental and emotional rehabilitation strategy;
  • Assisting the professional with the gathering the necessary mitigation documents to support a Rehabilitation Package; Petition of Reinstatement; Application, and/or;
  • Preparing for Contested Hearing before the Office of Administrative Hearings.

The Law Office of Nicole Irmer is committed to keeping you involved and informed throughout the process. If your physician assistants license is threatened by an investigation or it has had a formal Accusation filed against it; Attorney Nicole Irmer can assist you throughout the process and will zealously defend your Physician Assistant License. Please contact Nicole Irmer at (619) 237-6130 for a zealous, honest and compassionate representation.

Solid Legal Defense

Nicole is a seasoned and personable lawyer that knows how the Professional licensing legal labyrinth is practiced. She is one step ahead and gives savvy , clear legal advice. Her staff is also equally qualified. IF you are in the unfortunate position of needing this legal help I strongly recommend Nicole to assist you.