FAQ on Excessive Opioid Prescription Investigations

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The scourge of opioid addiction and the skyrocketing rate of opioid overdoses across the country have fueled a wave of criminal prosecutions and disciplinary actions against medical practitioners who prescribe these drugs. While prosecuting and/or disciplining those who prescribe opioids criminally or negligently is a laudable goal, too often, innocent healthcare providers are ensnared in… read more

How Does A DUI Affect Your Nursing License?

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The nurses we see in our practice for DUI defense never intended to drive under the influence. Some nurse’s blood alcohol levels (BAC) are only slightly above the legal limit, whereas others may be two to five times the legal limit. They’re all mortified about their mistake and, above all, terrified about the implications this… read more

The Medical Board of California's "Death Certificate Project” is Far-Reaching with Severe Consequences to a Physician's Certificate

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The Medical Board initiated a joint project with the California Department of Public Health to review Death Certificates – which are public records – to identify individuals who died as a result of an overdoes on prescription medication, or as a result of medication “intoxication.” These records are cross-referenced with patients’ CURES Reports, the state’s… read more

Anger Management for Healthcare Professionals – Helping the “Disruptive Physician”

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Unprofessional Conduct – Business and Professions Code Section 2236 Anger is an emotion that we all experience. The Medical Board of California, however, has expressed concern and even launched investigations into the conduct of its Physicians whose anger may potentially impact patient care.  The investigation is launched because of “unprofessional conduct” pursuant to Business and… read more

Criminal Conviction – the Potential Impact to a California Physician’s Medical License

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Physicians with Criminal Convictions A question that our office commonly receives is how a criminal conviction may impact a Physician’s Medical License. Unfortunately, this question does not have a simple bright line answer.  This is because each case, and underlying criminal conviction, is different and needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Business and… read more

Board of Registered Nursing – Filing of a Formal Accusation

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Board of Registered Nursing Accusation To initiate disciplinary proceedings, the Board of Registered Nursing must first notify the individual nurse. This is accomplished by filing an Accusation. An Accusation is a formal pleading document which outlines all of the reasons the California Board of Registered Nursing is seeking discipline against the nurse, as well as… read more

The Licensing Board’s Investigation Process is a Formal Process & Could Result in Substantial Penalties

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Investigation by the DCA or Board Enforcement Unit If you receive a phone call or letter from a Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) or Board investigator (Medical Board of California, California Board of Psychology, the California Board of Behavioral Sciences or the California Board of Registered Nursing) your professional license could be in jeopardy. The… read more

Mandatory Reporting for Healthcare Practitioners

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Many professionals are required to report when they suspect that child or elder abuse has occurred. Although one may have been educated to the requirements for mandatory reporting, it is important to be cognizant of the strict rules regarding mandatory reporting. What professionals are Required to Report Suspected Abuse Medical Professionals: Physicians, Nurses, Physical Therapists,… read more

Registered Nurse Accused of Practicing Outside the Scope of his License – Issued Reproval

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The California Board of Registered Nursing makes it very clear that nurses are not allowed to issue or dispense medication without a prescription from a medical physician. Recently a RN Client was accused of practicing outside the scope of his license and dispensing medication without a standing order or prescription; a formal Accusation was filed…. read more

Physical Therapist Accused of Entering into a Relationship with Patient Maintains License

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The California Board of Physical Therapy, like the Medical Board of California, has a strict prohibition against having romantic relationships with clients. The act of commencing an intimate relationship is not only a violation of the Medical Board of California/ Physical Therapy Board of California’s Practice Act, it can also result in criminal charges. If… read more