California Misdemeanor DUI Attorney

Defending The Misdemeanor DUI

DUI or driving under the influence of alcohol, recreational, or even prescription drugs is a very serious matter in California. You can be prosecuted for a DUI even if your blood alcohol measures under the legal limit (.08%). Further, you risk jail time and complete loss of your driving privileges.

DUI law is a specialized, technical area of law that requires skill, dedication, and expertise. At the Law Office of Nicole Irmer, we have handled countless number of DUI criminal cases and administrative hearings for our clients. We have represented clients charged with a first time DUI to clients’ charged with felony vehicular manslaughter involving alcohol and/or drugs.  For more information regarding your DUI charge, please contact our office.

If you are 21 years of age or older, if convicted of a first DUI offense, in addition to any DMV action, you are potentially facing the following criminal court sentence:

  • Five years of informal or “summary” probation. There is no probation officer involved; you are on probation to the court. You are ordered not to violate any laws (except for minor traffic violations) for five years.
  • A fine of approximately $2,000.00 and you will have plenty of time to pay it.
  • A drinking-driver program. You must attend weekly sessions of approximately three hours each. Classes range from three to nine months, depending on your blood alcohol level of greater than .08%.
  • Public Work Service if the court finds appropriate.

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