California Insurance Agents And Brokers License Defense Attorney

Defending An Insurance Agents Or Broker’s License

Defending your license against the Department of Insurance during an Investigation, Accusation, or Adverse Action can be stressful. At the Law Office of Nicole Irmer, we understand how overwhelming it can be for an Insurance Agents and Brokers to be accused of a violation that may affect their ability to run their business or practice in their chosen profession.

As an Insurance Agent or Broker, you have spent a significant amount of time, money and energy building your career, business, and reputation and if an allegation is made against you or your license, you need an experienced attorney to ensure that all of your interests are diligently defended.

Attorney Nicole Irmer has spent more than twenty years protecting the rights of her clients. She has dedicated a significant portion of her career protecting the careers and the livelihoods of Professionals and Licensees who are under investigation or may already have an Accusation filed against them by their Licensing Agency, including the Department of Insurance. If your career is threatened because of potential disciplinary action, then don’t delay in contacting us at (619) 237-6130.

The Mission of the Department of Insurance is to “ensure vibrant markets where insurers keep their promises and the health and economic security of individuals, families, and businesses are protected.” The Department of Insurance Enforcement section is responsible for investigating misconduct allegedly committed by Agents and Brokers.  Some of the commonly pursued grounds for discipline include the following violations:

  • Unlicensed Activity
  • Misrepresentation
  • Criminal Conviction

If you are contacted by the Department’s Investigator, cooperation may facilitate your position but only after seeking advice and representation from counsel experienced in this area of law. The investigator may imply that this is a simple and informal process, but it is not. A substantiated investigation can have serious repercussions including criminal sanctions, or the filing of a Formal Accusation against your license requesting that your Insurance License be revoked.

Insurance License Defense Attorney On Your Side

If your Insurance License is threatened, then don’t delay seeking advice about your legal rights.  With the representation from an attorney with over twenty years of experience, you may be able to protect your reputation, career, and livelihood.  At the Law Office of Nicole Irmer we provide a dedicated and zealous defense for each and every client. To learn more about how the Law Office of Nicole Irmer can assist you please contact us today by calling (619) 237-6130.