Destroying Arrest Records Pursuant To Penal Code Section 851.8

| Posted in Licensing Defense on November 27, 2017

If you (or a family member) have been wrongfully arrested and the prosecutor decides not to pursue charges, or perhaps dismisses charges that had been filed – the nightmare is behind you or so you thought. Many people are unaware that such an arrest may still be on their Criminal History Record because they never… read more

Medical Spas: Administering Botox, Collagen, And Restylane In California Is A Medical Procedure And Is Regulated By The Medical Board Of California

| Posted in Licensing Defense on November 27, 2017

A new evolution in Medicine has emerged- the Medical Spa. Medical Spas have become a booming and profitable industry providing Botox, Collagen, and Restylane. These spas are now heavily regulated by licensing agencies.  This new industry is re-defining traditional medical treatment, and in doing such has created confusion for many medical professionals- with many thinking… read more

Consequences Of Excessive Prescribing

| Posted in Licensing Defense on November 27, 2017

California Business And Professions Sections 725(A) & (B) It has been a long day of seeing patients, after finally sitting down and ready to catch-up on charting there is an interruption from the telephone — it is a Medical Board Investigator with the Health Quality Investigation Unit requesting your cooperation with a subpoena for a… read more

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