Palm Springs Medical License Defense Lawyer

Getting a medical license takes years of hard work. Typically, healthcare professionals are required to attend years of schooling before studying for and taking an exam to become licensed. Any allegation of professional misconduct can jeopardize a medical professional’s ability to work and earn a living. If you are in this situation, a professional licensed defense attorney can protect your interests.

In California, medical licensing boards are responsible for not only determining who meets the qualifications to practice but also investigating any complaints related to licensees.  After an investigation, a complaint may be dismissed, resolved informally, or move forward to disciplinary action. In some cases, a disciplinary matter may arise from a criminal investigation and/or lead to criminal charges.

At the Law Offices of Nicole Irmer, we represent all types of healthcare workers, including doctors, surgeons, physician assistants, nurses, therapists, dentists, physical therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other healthcare professionals who are facing disciplinary action. Based in San Diego, our law firm works with clients throughout California, including Palm Springs. We help people who are seeking a medical license, who are dealing with disciplinary action and those who are seeking reinstatement of their license. Reach out today to schedule a consultation with a member of our legal team.

Advocating for Palm Springs Healthcare Professionals

Our law firm represents healthcare professionals throughout California who are dealing with professional licensing matters. We help individuals at every step of the licensing process, including obtaining a healthcare license, responding to investigations, dealing with administrative hearings, and helping medical professionals get their license back after a suspension or revocation. 

We represent clients before all healthcare licensing boards in California, including:

Our legal team has experience in both professional licensing as well as criminal defense. This empowers us to assist clients facing simultaneous disciplinary and criminal investigations.  We also provide legal advice to individuals who are concerned that their licensing matter may have broader implications, including potential criminal prosecution.

We have helped clients who are facing discipline related to:

  • Applications for a professional license
  • Disciplinary action in another state or jurisdiction
  • Gross negligence
  • Excessive treatments or prescribing
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Mental or physical illness that affects the ability to practice
  • Incompetence
  • Professional license denials
  • Professional misconduct
  • Criminal arrests and convictions, including DUI charges and domestic violence arrests
  • Medical record errors
  • Unauthorized practice
  • Reinstatement

These and other allegations of violations of California’s Business and Professions Code (BPC) can result in disciplinary action up to and including loss of your medical license. While each case is different, potential discipline may include a warning, a citation and fine, public reprimand or reproval, license probation, license suspension, or license revocation. A Palm Springs healthcare license defense attorney can attempt to mitigate any potential discipline, including through the introduction of mitigating factors.

Without a medical or nursing license, healthcare professionals cannot legally work in the state of California. Attempting to work in the medical field without a license could result in separate disciplinary action. If you are the subject of a complaint, it is critical that you consult with an experienced Palm Springs medical licensing defense lawyer as soon as possible. 

Helping Healthcare Professionals Get the Best Possible Outcome

Finding out that someone has filed a complaint against you or that you are under investigation can be frightening. You might not know how to respond, or whether you should mount a defense or just take a wait-and-see approach. However, this tactic can often backfire – particularly if your licensing board decides to move forward with disciplinary action.

If you receive a letter in the mail or are contacted by a Board investigator about a complaint, then your first step should be to contact a Palm Springs healthcare license defense attorney.  Being investigated does not necessarily mean that you will be disciplined. However, given the high stakes involved – including the possibility of losing your license or even being charged with a crime.

The Law Offices of Nicole Irmer takes a proactive approach to professional licensing matters. We typically get involved as soon as possible after the investigation starts. After performing our own investigation, we will request a meeting with the Board’s investigator to present evidence, if appropriate,  to show that you did not violate the professional code of conduct. We may also present mitigating evidence.

In certain situations, we are able to negotiate a favorable outcome for our clients, such as a dismissal of the complaint, a reprimand, or a fine and citation. However, if the Board files an Accusation against you, we will put together a strong defense. Where necessary, we will consult with expert witnesses to provide their opinions on the veracity of the allegations against you, hire a private investigator, and analyze all applicable records. If there are charges related to mental health or substance abuse issues, we will develop a rehabilitation plan that may be presented to the Board.

While we are developing a factual and legal defense, we will also take over all communications with the Board investigator, the Board, law enforcement, and the Attorney General’s office. Doing so protects your legal rights and helps to avoid situations where you may inadvertently say or do something that harms your case.

Ideally, we help our clients resolve complaints before a formal Accusation is filed. If an Accusation is filed, we will try to negotiate a stipulated settlement. Doing so often results in a better outcome, and can reduce the stress and expense of going to an administrative hearing.

In some cases, the best option is to present your case to an administrative law judge at a hearing. Our legal team will present evidence, question witnesses, and make arguments before the judge. Depending on the outcome, we can assist you with filing an appeal and/or applying for reinstatement when permitted.

As professional licensing defense lawyers, we know that our clients are dedicated and passionate about their work. We understand that anyone can make a mistake or go through a rough patch in their lives. Our goal is to help our clients get help when needed and to keep their license and their livelihood whenever possible.

Contact a Healthcare Licensing Defense in Palm Springs, CA

Facing an investigation by your medical licensing board can be daunting. You may be rightfully terrified of what such an investigation may mean for your career and ability to practice your profession. Our law firm has decades of experience helping healthcare professionals who are dealing with licensing matters. We will put our skills and knowledge to work for you to get a favorable result.

The Law Offices of Nicole Irmer represent healthcare workers who are dealing with professional licensing issues.  Whether you are trying to get licensed or reinstated or are facing an allegation of professional misconduct, we will work collaboratively with you to help you get the best possible outcome. To learn more or to schedule a consultation with a Palm Springs healthcare licensing defense lawyer, call our office at 619-237-6130 or fill out our online contact form.